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A fully registered and trained arts educator, I enjoy supporting educators and those keen to explore the arts.  Get in touch if you want help to plan and carry out creative visual arts projects, big or small.  I have a wealth of experience working with people of all ages.


Rosa Heney Creative also works with all sorts of groups to make imaginative transformational projects happen in all kinds of places.

This work occupies the spaces where arts, creativity, health, youth, community, education, social, technological innovation and activism meet. The groups we create along the way hold true to the belief that arts and creativity have a unique and specific role to play in creating positive outcomes within our communities.  The projects we create aim to leave a lasting legacy through building skills, telling our stories, creating new perspectives and growing connected caring communities.  As an advocate of young people,  creating community partnerships that support youth to make a positive impact here on the Coast is a key aspect of my work. 

Check out our Young West Coast Filmmakers Masterclass project below.

As an artist I create many types of artworks, including bespoke mixed media paintings and drawings, short experimental films, installation and site-specific artworks.  A cost-effective and fun thing I like to do is photographic jewellery made from the lenses of old reading glasses (as pictured above). Each piece can be tailor-made. I'll make a bunch and pop  some more pics up shortly. In the meantime, please get in touch if you want to know more or you have an idea for a commission piece.